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Who's invited to shower, rehearsal dinner?

Who do you typically invite to the shower? Is it just close friends and family invited to the wedding, or do you invite all of the ladies invited to the wedding? Even though I'm not close with the best man's wife, should I invite her? I definitely would, but I just didn't know if it was necessary or not? Are there certain people that should always get invited, like significant others of the wedding party? 

As for the rehearsal dinner, obviously the wedding party and family are invited, but do you invite everyone from out of town or just the closer guests? How does that typically work? 

Thank you! 

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Re: Who's invited to shower, rehearsal dinner?

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    I'm also wondering about who typically gets invited to the shower. My maid of honor just asked for my invite list, and I have no clue who to put on it! 

    As far as the rehursal dinner I'm inviting our wedding party, our parents, and I'm thinking about the family from out of town. Since my in-laws will be hosting the party at their house I'm going to ask them what they think. I know for sure the family and the wedding party since they will be at the rehursal. 

    I almost forgot ONLY invite people who will be invited to the wedding to the showers. 
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    For the shower it should be whomever you are closest to, friends and family.  You do not need to invite every woman invited to the wedding (and unless you're having a very small wedding, you probably shouldn't), and you don't need to invite the SOs of the members of the wedding parties unless you're close to them.  First find out how many people your shower host(s) can accommodate, then look at your wedding guest list and decide who you want there.  Remember that everyone invited to the shower must be invited to the wedding.

    For the rehearsal dinner you need to invite everyone involved in the rehearsal, with their SOs, and usually your immediate family members are invited as well.  Out of town guests may be invited if you can afford to host them and would like to, but it's not required.

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    For the shower:  B & G's mothers, sisters, grandmothers (usually) and wedding party should get courtesy invites to all showers. Add in closest family members and friends, keeping within the guest count that the host has given you. You do not have to invite the wives and girlfriends of the groom's attendants or friends. You don't have to invite every female wedding guest to the shower. All shower guests must be invited to the wedding.

    Rehearsal dinner: Everyone, who is expected at the rehearsal, should be invited to the  RD, along with their significant others. If there are children in the wedding party, they should be invited along with their parents. Usually, immediate family members are included. You may choose to invite none, some or all of your OOT guests, as you wish.
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