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language barrier means no invite??

My MOH asked that I start working on a guest list for the bridal shower that she plans on throwing. The bridal shower will be taking place at my mom's house which is about 2 1/2 hours away. Half of my bridesmaids and most of my family live near my mom which makes her home very convenient for the majority of the women that would be invited.

Here is my dilema. I know traditionally, both of the bride and groom's mothers, grandmother's and aunts should be invited. I would love to invite the women in my FI's family to the shower. My FI's family is Cambodian and his mom and aunts speak mostly Camobodian. They speak very little English and it is very broken English at that. I told FI that I still want to invite them because despite the language barrier I think they need to be included. Although to be perfectly honest, I don't expect them to travel 2 1/2 hours to go but I still think they need to be included. FI told me I shouldn't even worry about it because they are "old Asian folks" and he thinks they probably don't even know what a bridal shower is. Which may be true. FI has also told me before that his mom worries about being in public places because she doesn't speak English very well.

Should I still adhere to proper etiquette and invite her and FI's family or not worry about including them?

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Re: language barrier means no invite??

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