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E-Party for a Long Engagement

This is my first "creation", so please bare with me.

My fiance recently proposed (December of 2011) and we've started spitballing ideas for our wedding. I'm really not into the e-party idea, but I know his mom has mentioned (several times prior to our engagement) that she wants to throw us this party.

I have two questions
1) Even though having this party isn't something that Mike (my FI) and I are really into, should we suck it up and indulge his mom?
2) If we do indulge her, when should that party be thrown? Note: that we are having a long engagment (wedding date is 12/13/14).
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Re: E-Party for a Long Engagement

  • If she wants to throw one, I say let her.  It's not going to hurt.  The date is something that I'd let her pick though, especially if she throws it.  I'm not sure about when you would do one for a wedding that far away.  Our wedding is in May, and I think our engagement party is going to be in July or something (my aunt wants to throw one).
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    The party is up to you...but would FMIL be offended if you declined? Would it be worth doing? I would just let her plan the party, but that's up to you and FI

    And the party should be closer to your engagement, not your wedding. My friend has been engaged for 5 years, her party was the october I was 21...I will have just turned 27 when I attend her wedding in June.

    ETA: Oh, and congrats!
  • The only thing I forgot to mention is that all (no, I'm not exaggerating) of the people that would be attending are going to be her friends (everyone's over 55).

    Both of you ladies have made my FI and I think a bit harder about this topic... I really appreciate all your advice.
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  • I think if she wants to throw one, then go ahead and let her. And enjoy.

    I was looking forward to my engagement but then found out things are done differently in FI's family and with their culture. The engagement 'party' actually takes place closer to the wedding. And is planned by the FI of the future bride. So I have to wait. Since you are having a 2 year engagement, it will be a fun pre-wedding event to do now in gearing up for the wedding without the added pressure of other events once the wedding date draws near.
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