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Planning Your Own Bachelorette Party

I've decided to opt out of a wedding party. However, I'd still like to have a bachelorette party for my girlfriends (all of whom are invited to the wedding). I want that night out with friends, drinks, and penis necklaces, haha. No gifts, I'd pay my own way, etc, Just fun female bonding before the aisle walk. 

Anyone else doing/have done this? Etiquette states it as a major no-no, but I was curious about other opinions as well :)

Re: Planning Your Own Bachelorette Party

  • I'd probably drop some hints around my very close friends...but I am not an etiquette queen! Haha. I'm sure your friends would jump at the opportunity...especially if it doesn't really take planning!
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  • I am sort of doing this. It's not so much a "bachelorette party".  I'm doing it sort of like a "pre-wedding thank you party".  I invited them and I am paying for a portion of it.  We are going and getting mani/pedis, going back to my house, getting ready and then going out together. 

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    If you do this, don't call it a bp, because you shouldn't throw a party in your own honor. Invite your close friends for a girls night.
  • Just have a girls' night out with your friends and keep it non-wedding-related. You can have a fun night out with friends without making it about your wedding. And perhaps if you start inviting friends to a girls' night out, one of them will take the intiative on her own to turn it into a B-Party.

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  • I am am planning on doing something similar... it's a girls night in the night before the wedding. It'll be more of a spa like party I guess with games and drinks and then an excuse to help with favors, etc. 

    The actual bachelorette party will be hosted by my BM's, and not sure what they plan to do. I'd prefer a restaurant/bar.  Maybe a club for some dancing. 
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  • I think if you phrase it that way to your friends, they'd be more than happy to join you :o)
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  • I say to each their own! Who gives a sh*t about etiquette! Celebrate you bachelorette party how you'd like. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. 
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