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Felts Photography - Jake Felts?


Well, I never made an official introduction but I'm finally diving into the planning, so I'm finding myself here more and more often. :) FWIW, I'm getting married on 9/22/12 at the Rose Chapel in Fort Worth.

Now to the question! Have any of you ladies used (or know of anyone who has used) Jake Felts with Felts Photography? He's an acquaintance of ours, and is based in Weatherford. Originally, I wasn't super impressed with his work on his website/blog (CLICKY), but after seeing some of his albums and prints in person I was much more confident. He's a really nice guy and we do really like him, but we're trying to make a decision between him and a few other photogs and I'm really torn. That being said, ANY input is appreciated!

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    Hey guys, sorry for my lack of response. I was in training all day yesterday and avoided my laptop all night last night due to exhaustion. Thanks for the feedback!

    Stephanie, I am also considering Stephanie Brazzle and looking at Mulberry Lane Studio. They both have comparable prices, but Jake is definitely cheaper. The one thing that kind of sucks about going with him is that you HAVE to use him for all prints/albums/etc. He does give you digital access to your pics, but no printing rights or capabilities. 

    Professor, spelling and grammar errors bug the crap out of me, too and I completely agree with you. I didn't notice the "decapitated" (I skipped over most of those entries since I'm friends with him on Instagram and have usually already seen those images)...but that cracks me up. I do agree with you on it reflecting professionalism BUT I will say that I've noticed several errors on Stephanie Brazzle's blog too (mostly a missing 's' here and there) but after meeting both of them I know that they are professional and that they must just not be as anal as either of us. :)

    All of that is to say, thanks! I just wanted some additional opinions and you all have definitely helped!
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