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Dear TK

Now that you seem to be kind of working... I'd like to take a minute to say F U for making me do actual work at my job today and keep me away from chatting with my internets friends.  I'll never forgive you for this.


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Re: Dear TK

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    Fo' realz.

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    And I was home sick and really bored since there was no one to talk to :(


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    I was so bored at work. Because the month hadn't ended, I could not start a lot of my work. TK usually saves me from boredom, but it really sucked today!
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    I was so bored at work that for part of the day, I just sat and stared at some word documents that I pretended to be working on instead of having my internet/TK open to the side like I usually do. SUCKY.
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    Dear k8888 & other internet friends,

    I just have to say you are all the shiznitz BALLS!  just sayin'....Thank you for being patient with TK & noting that it is not your favorite mod's fault for the TK glitches that keep happening...I really appreciate it...I really appreciate you all & the conversations you have while I work my 11.5 hour days...It keeps me entertained when I get home...FI looks at me like I'm crazy sometimes..but he gets a kick out of your balls conversations...I just wish I could be around more to converse with you all...with that said...I am making a new thread so we can have a DVKN this weekend because this chick has Saturday & Sunday off....Please someone fly to FL to keep me busy while FI is at work...

    With much love & gratitude,
    LM aka littlemoments aka Andrea <3

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    haha I got way too much work done yesterday too I had nothing else to do!!
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