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Dinair airbrush

I have the opportunity to help build up my friends Dinair portfolio for my wedding! I don't have all the info. yet but thought I should ask the Knotties opinions! lol. Does anybody have experience with Dinair airbrush makeup? I've heard only great things!

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    edited December 2011
    I've read lots of threads on airbrush makeup (with all positive reviews), but never heard which brand the MUA/salon used. If you're asking in general about airbrush makeup, go for it -- it's awesome! (I had it done for my e-pics). But if you're asking specifically about the Dinair products, I can't comment because I don't know what kind was used on me.

    Oh, and I also hired a friend who is "just getting started" with airbrush. I booked a trial (which I'll pay for) so we can both do a test run. I did think for a while on whether I wanted someone less experienced doing my makeup on the wedding day -- in the end I decided I like this girl, and I'll use the test run to make sure I like what she can do, and I can't afford the more established MUA prices (over $100 per face).

    So, if a test run is in your budget/schedule, I definitely recommend it!
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