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Weather Frustration

I'll admit, this post is mostly to vent, but any suggestions/wisdom is definitely welcome.

MY FI and I have been engaged since November and have just recently started seriously talking about plans for our wedding.  We are both in education, so we'd like to be able to utilize spring or summer break to our advantage.

My issue is this - Texas weather sucks.  I'm not originally from here, so I'm still realizing how short spring is and how soon it gets ridiculously hot.

We're looking into a few venues that would allow for a combo outdoor picnic reception, with some indoor space in the event of inclement weather.  I've looked at historical weather data for each of our options.

Option 1 - first weekend of spring break ~ March 8 - This weekend is generally too cold for much of the wedding to take place outdoors, which is a important aspect for me.
Option 2 - the last weekend of spring break ~ March 15 - Much better weather historically, but gives us no time for honeymoon after the wedding.
Option 3 - Easter weekend ~ April 19 - Wonderful weather, but again no break time, and potential issues with guests and Easter
Option 4 - Second weekend of June ~ June 10 - As hot as hades, though we would have 10 weeks of vacation immediately afterward
Option 5 - Say screw it and do a destination wedding somewhere during the summer - I'm not crazy about prepackaged resort deals, though I'm sure with some research I can find some good options.

Re: Weather Frustration

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    I don't have any advice to offer, except don't have an outdoor wedding in summer (which you seem to be opposed to, anyway).  I will say that I am also a teacher, and we got married the first weekend in November.  It was gorgeous, and while we were married in a church, I'm sure it would have been great for outdoors.

    You do have a sixth option, which is to get married when the weather is fine, take a few days off for a "mini-moon," and then go on a big honeymoon in the summer.  For my wedding, I took Thursday-Thursday off and went back to work on a Friday.  I teach high school and my certified sub cancelled on me last second, so the most stressful thing was making sure the planned lessons were something the kids could do with little guidance from their sub.  They had a quiz over the work the day I got back and they did fine.

    The only problem with that option is the unforeseen.  We ended up never taking an "exotic" honeymoon because my husband got transferred to Oklahoma last April and then sent off to a training all summer long, so no big trip for us (it's certainly still in our plans, but probably pretty far off).  Our mini-moon was to Fredericksburg and absolutely amazing, so I don't feel like we missed out or anything.



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    Thanks - we've thought about doing exactly what you said if we do the Easter option.  A nice bed and breakfast might be a good idea.
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    I like the Easter with mini-moon idea but I'm biased because that's what we're doing Laughing
    We have actually had only a few people say they could not come because of Easter but alot of our guests are local.  It's working out way better than I thought it would.
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    Although I think an outdoor ceremony is fine, I'm not a fan of outdoor receptions unless partially covered and keep in mind that anything in March or April is going to be very windy.  I think picnic-type receptions and outdoor BBQs sound good in theory, but don't really work here except in the fall.

    Of the above options you list, you are probably best with going with Easter weekend, having a weekend HM and taking your bigger HM in the summer after school is out.
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    I'm a teacher as well and what we are doing is getting married in late November this year. It will be the week of thanksgiving break and I will have off the 5 days pre wedding, getting married the Saturday before we go back, having a one night mini moon and then about 2 weeks later we will go on our honeymoon which will most likely be the week of or after Christmas. It ended up working out great plus since I have built in time off I don't have to take any time off for prep and can relax the days before the wedding. And not take any days off for the honeymoon. I would take off the Monday after break but our school has black out dates the day before and after breaks. Plus the weather is nice in November and we truly thought of what would be best for everyone we are getting married the day after Black Friday shopping madness and all my friends from OOT will be able to spend thanksgiving with their fams since they all live in NYC. Just an idea you could play around with or maybe even Christmas break you could look into. I got almost all my planning done during Christmas break this past year so I can worry about my students and the state testing for the time being!
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