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Sorry I've been on vacation and away from the Knot and just saw your post. I really liked Andy he did a wonderful job at my wedding and several guest commented on how professional he was. I would recommend him to everyone. If you have any specific questions I'll be happy to answer them.

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    Ahhh thanks so much for the input!  I hope you had a great vacation! 

    The only thing I was really curious about was his song selection.  Were you pleased with the choices?  Did he have all of the songs you like?

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    Yes he did have a lot of the songs I liked in all genres. We also played some Spanish music which he has a large selection of. This was the main reason I picked him as my DJ, half of our guestlist listened to Spanish music which I don't so he was able to help me select popular Spanish songs. I believe if he doesn't have a specific song he can get it for you if you request it, but I could be wrong.
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