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Wedding dreams and nightmares.

I just had my first wedding nightmare.  I was at the church (mywedding is at a campground)  and my hair wasn't done 2 hours before the wedding.  So my MOH and I went on a mad search for a hairbrush and ponytail holder.  We walked into another room, that turned out to be a Dollar General, and the only thing I found was a Monster High bookbag for my daughter.  At which point I promptly woke up.  Not bad as far as nightmares go.  Anyone else have any dreams to share.

Re: Wedding dreams and nightmares.

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    Ugghhh I had a really annoying one last night. I was getting ready for the ceremony with my mom, FMIL, BMs, and our photog/videographers there. Everything was cool, but then my ex-boyfriend shows up. He wasn't trying to stop the wedding or anything, he was just like, making fun of it all and making fun of my FI a lot. We asked him to leave, and he then stepped on the train of my dress and left a huge muddy footprint on it. We couldn't get it out, so we had to do the bustle up to hide it and I didn't get to have the train down at all. I was so annoyed.

    It's so weird that I dreamt this b/c I only dated this ex for a few months and it was YEARS ago, so why the heck did he show up in my wedding dream??
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    I had one the other night where I went to meet with the baker to discuss the wedding cake, and then all of the sudden it was the day of the wedding and we were at the venue (which wasn't the venue). The table cloths were wrong and the florist had not shown up. That's all I remember from that one, but there have been several!
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    Be glad that this one was your FIRST one! haha- I've had several since we got engaged a year ago.
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