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Is it really expensive?? Can anyone tell me??

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  • That has always been the general consensus here I believe.
  • Are you trying to get a room or are you considering having your wedding there?
    Standard room with an outside view is about 150-180/night.

    If you are wanting to have your wedding there, I would encourage you to call them and have them send you info. They have a few different areas for ceremony, but IF I remember right the F&B min was pretty steep.

  • If you are talking about a wedding, I sitll had my price list for 2009.

    The F&B minimum for Mission Plaza: $12K
    Yellow Rose Ballroom:  $20k
    +22% service charge and tax (prices are for a Saturday evening wedding)

    Complimentary items include tables and chairs, table linens (ivory or gold), white china, glassware and silverware, a dance floor, as well as skirted tables for the guestbook and gifts.


    Ceremony fees begin at $2,000.00 and are based on location, setup, date and the number of guests attending.  The ceremony fee includes the use of the space, white garden chairs, a microphone for your Officiate (if necessary) and a complimentary “day use” changing room for the wedding party to prepare for the ceremony.

    Of course, I have no idea what the pricing is now, 3 years later.
  • Those prices have all changed.  I actually came on here to see if anyone else was getting married there this summer because I just found out that they have added a Dreamworks character parade at 8:30pm Friday nights right through the atrium and our wedding is July 27th in Mission Plaza.  I have an email into my coordinator to find out what they plan to do because I didn't sign up for this at all.

    As for the pricing, we originally thought it would be very expensive, but they turned out to be less than many of the other venues in the area and I got a lot taken off the prices of the ceremony fee and the reception dinner.  Those minumums no longer apply and they have a totally different pricing plan.  Ryan Kurosky is our coordinator and he's great to work with.  I sent an email through the website in the beginning to get pricing information.
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