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    Cheryl, I have a few people that do that all the time.  And it's usually always followed by a <3  

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    Seriously though...I'm getting really sick of all the farmville updates, and other random crap that's always showing up on my news feed.
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    [QUOTE]Why do people post song lyrics on facebook?---hourly?
    Posted by cherrrylll[/QUOTE]

    You must be friends with my BIL then.  He also ends every quote with either "Hahaha" or "LOL."  It's not funny, it's stupid.
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    Mariah-  You can hide them!  Just mouse over the farmville post on the feed and in the top left corner you should see "hide" and it will hide it forever.... same goes for all the other insanely ridculous apps.

    As for the lyrics, well... no avoiding that one.  :)

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    Mariah, did you know you can hide Farmville and other applications? Just click on one of the updates and it will give you the option to hide that person or hide the application. Hide the application and it shouldn't give you updates for anyone who uses it.
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    Juliebug - tell your collegue to get in touch with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  They are a great organization and get help with medical expenses or even jsut answer questions and calm nerves.  They are who I raised money for and raced my marathon for.  I met so many people who beat blood cancer and can be a great inspiration to them!

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    I just had my first parent over-share on Facebook...about taking a nap and finding your 2 year old son playing in his own poop.  Thanks a lot facebook parents.  Thanks a lot. 
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    Ewww that is definitely TMI! :-p
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