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Hey.  So I've deleted any post that you've written because I can tell that you're a vendor.  Now, if you want to clear this up and try to say you're not one-by all means try.  But joining on the Knot on the 11th and on that same day posting a random post that makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever leads me to believe you're a vendor.  And then the two posts you've made today are about the same vendor, and also don't make sense....so please, stop posting.  If not, the next post you make where you whore out a vendor, I'll be banning you from the Knot.


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    I agree!! Do these vendors not realize when they do stuff like that it turns people off from them! So they are doing the exact opposite of their original intentions....so stupid!

    Now Im sure NO ONE on the knot will use the photographer EmilyDenise posted about because we are all annoyed by "her" actions.
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