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guard your cardbox!!

I just wanted to warn and remind everybody to have somebody at your wedding keep an eye on your cardbox and maybe hide it after the cocktail hour or so. Somebody stole our cardbox during our May 21st wedding .  :( I can't believe somebody would do such a thing but I wanted to make sure it doesn't happen to any of ya'll.

The day is super busy and it's hard to catch anything suspicious so make sure somebody keeps an eye on it for you!

Re: guard your cardbox!!

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    That's terrible. 

    I'm sorry that happened. 
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    Oh wow that's horrible! I'm sorry! I don't understand why or how someone can even do that at a wedding!!
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    Oh my, I am so sorry to hear that!! We went to a friends wedding a few months ago and all of her cards were strewn about and completely unguarded, and I told FI that was crazy, as they can get stolen. He thought I was crazy, but you just concreted that thought in my mind!! So extremely sad someone would do that at a wedding!
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    I'm so sorry to hear this!  

    I worried about this happening (since our wedding was at a golf club and members had access to the foyer area) so we had my cousin's wife keep an eye on it.
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    Oh gosh, I am so sorry.  That was one thing my event planner did right was to guard ours.  But thank you for reminding everyone that something we think could never happen can and does.

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    Oh, my!  That is just terrible!  I'm so sorry!
    Thank you for the reminder.
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    [QUOTE]That was one thing my event planner did right was to guard ours.
    Posted by stephiehall[/QUOTE]

    My mom asked my planner about this exact scenario, and wanted some kind of locked box or some precautions, and my planner told my mother it doesn't happen, and not to worry. She brought some kind of basket for the cards instead.

    To be honest, we only got 2 cards and a ton of guests that attended got us nothing ... I've wondered if some went missing but I guess I'll never know.
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    Wow, that's terrible!



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    Thank you guys. When I told people about it after the wedding many said they were kicking themselves because they thought somebody needed to watch the box and they almost wanted to say something. Our wedding coordinator assured us everything would be okay and there was nothing to worry about.

    I don't want to blame anybody but we suspect it may be a worker because our gifts were out in the cocktail area and after everyone went in the ballroom they hand transferred our gifts inside. Seeing pictures and talking to people it seems that the box went missing after they transferred the gifts.
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    I know it's an extra step for the B&G, but this makes me resolve to continue to write checks instead of putting cash in the envelopes. I'd want to make it that much harder for a thief (and maybe I could even put a stop on the check, if I heard about this happening at a wedding I went to).

    I hope someone follows up on this. Chances are, if it's someone at the venue, yours isn't the only wedding this has happened at, and it'd be a huge shame if the venue lets it happen under their watch.
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