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So I got everything done at the SS office and DMV in 2 1/2 hrs not extremely bad for going in the afternoon as far as voter registration I didn't bring my voter registration card so she did a replacement card for me. If you bring your card you may be able to get it updated immediately. hopefully this helps some!

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    Yes, thank you! I realized that I did get a form in our paperwork with our marriage license, but it came with a letter that said name changes for voter registration take 30 days (and obviously we have less than 30 days until elections)! Did they tell you how long it would take to get your replacement card?

    Honestly, I'm not sure if I could even find mine if I tried. Previously, I was registered in Brazos County (College Station) so I may have just chunked it. Hopefully it isn't going to be an issue, but I'm planning on going this week so I guess I will find out!
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    The lady that helped me didn't give me an exact time frame but told me to take everything with me (old voter registration, name change paperwork, etc) just in case I have problems. I checked online and it shows I am registered under my new name so I'll print that and take it  also. Hopefully we don't run into problems.
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    I got my registration card yesterday so you should be good!
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