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Taking a break

Hey, I'm off for a little while. It's not that I don't like the planning anymore, but I'm obsessing over it way too much and I need to stay away from the wedding sites for a little bit. 

It really hit me when I was reading this blog post about keeping things simple when you're pregnant and getting married. But the wedding they featured wasn't simple at all: immaculate decoration, expensive chairs, all that pretty little vintage stuff that takes ages to find, the vintage furniture in a field - really, how do people make the logistics for that work - when I look at that, with all that I learned about weddings, there is no way an average person has the time or money or resources for such a wedding, so please DON'T call it simple. I'm really started to get frustrated by all the 'simple, laidback' weddings out there. 

So, uhm... see you all in a while :)

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