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Need some suggestions: dress shopping in Ft. Worth

Hey Ft. Worth brides,

I live in Houston, but will be shopping for a dress in Ft. Worth so that my sister/moh can be there with me.  Where should we go?

Here are some considerations:

I'm trying to stick to a $1000 budget.

I am a (rapidly shrinking!) size 12, almost 10.  I would prefer a place that has dresses I can actually try on.

My sister recommended the following: Bliss, De Ma Fille, and Ocones.  I checked their websites, and the prices at Bliss start at $900, and De Ma Fille at $1300.  They are probably not worth making an appointment for if I can only try on one or two dresses, right?  Ocones seemed within budget.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Re: Need some suggestions: dress shopping in Ft. Worth

  • There are a few that come to mind but not in the Fort Worth area.  There's one in Addison that several girls have had success at.  Circle Park Bridal Boutique.  Lots of girls have also had good experiences at Denton Bridal in Denton and Terry Costa in Dallas.  There's also Lewisville Bridal and Mockingbird Bridal. 

    No matter where you go, I recommend having appointments and taking pictures of ones that you really like with you.  A few places may actually get you to try on a few dresses that have you out of your comfort zone or that you wouldn't normally like.  Go with it.  Several girls have said that they found themselves buying those dresses--including me.  I'm not a lace person but the bodice of mine had lots of lace. 
  • I live in Fort Worth, but actually traveled to bridal shops in other areas to look for a dress. But, my budget was smaller (ended up spending $650).

    My 2 cents about all the stores I went to:

    Circle Park Bridal in Addison (just outside Dallas) was about an hour's drive for me but SO worth it. It has both off the rack & special-order dresses, most dresses are under $1200, yet the place feels like a true boutique. Definitely make an appointment. Everyone there was nothing but helpful. I actually went in and had my dress selected and bought within an hour. I almost wish it had taken longer!

    Denton Bridal Co was a bit of a drive from Ft Worth (maybe 1.5-2 hours with traffic?) but they had SO many dresses on super-sale. This place isn't really boutique-y -- you pretty much are on your own to select and try on dresses. But everything is a GREAT price, and it's the same quality dresses as anywhere else. Just a tiny bit more of a warehouse feel, you know? I don't even know if they do appointments.

    Lewisville Bridal Boutique -- another one that's a bit of a drive from Ft W (1+ hour) but again a real boutique feel. I got great service here even though I was just a walk-in. The only thing was that my dress, which was $610 at Denton Bridal Co and $650 at Circle Park Bridal, was $900 here. I'm not saying they raise the prices on all their dresses; just do your research before you buy; I know someone else found their dress varied by a few hundred dollars, depending on the store.

    Bliss Bridal in Ft Worth -- I've heard great things about, but never did get there.

    Occones -- I didn't have a great experience there, but I know at least one other lady on this board had a great experience there (in fact, she bought her dress there). But definitely make an appointment. I tried to just walk in and browse, and was ignored the entire 20 minutes I was in there by everyone working there (and there were no other customers in the store.) In fact, one employee hung up the phone from talking to a customer, then loudly told another employee what the customer had said and made fun of her. It was horribly awkward and we slipped out immediately ater.
  • Marie and Julie, thank you for your suggestions and feedback - I am grateful!

  • You should not make a reservation at Bliss.  I was on the same budget you are and the owner suggested that I cancel my reservation because she would have so few dresses in my budget.  She was VERY nice and I would recommend for anyone with a higher budget.

    Check out Pence & Panache in Burleson - it's south of Fort Worth, but they have many dresses to try in your price range.  

    If you're open to looking at chains there is a David's Bridal and an Alfred Angelo in South Arlington.  I would recommend appointments at all of the above.
  • Thank you, Michelle!

  • Selling my wedding dress, $500.00 or OBO, dress is dry cleaned and ready to go. Please email me [email protected], if you are interested. Size 8
    Im a size 10 or 11 but was able to fit into this wedding dress.  It's very pretty, and purchased the dress at Terry Costa.  
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