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BM dresses check! vent included

I'm so happy to finally find a BM dress that all of BM's and I agree on. The colors of the dress will be turquoise and the lace on top will be black. We can't get the bow to be black without changing the color underneath the black lace so my mom is going to fix that herself when they come in. 


Onto my vent. My MOH changed plans at the last minute yesterday. Back story: She has 2 kids and so do I. They haven't been able to see each other much lately so and have been asking to see each other. We had plans for the past two weeks that we would all meet at my mom's house, leave the kids with her boyfriend and my stepdad. My stepdad was so excited about this because he's good friends with her boyfriend. He spent extra money on a movie, pizzas, and soda for them to enjoy while watching the kids. Also, my son's other grandpa wanted to take him for the day, but we declined because we already had plans. My MOH's boyfriend's mom had called shortly after we made the plans to see if she could take the kids, but my MOH told her no because we already had plans. The boyfriends mom freaked out on my MOH and saying she's going to cry all day.
Yesterday comes around and everything is fine. I even called MOH to see how far she was in driving and she never said a thing about changing plans. Once I get to my mom's house she texts me saying she dropped her daughter and boyfriend off at his mom's house. WTF?!? So I have a 6 year old child crying because he can't see his cousin that he hasn't seen in months and I could have just left him with his other grandpa for the day to hang out. Everyone changed their plans and was going out of their way to make it a great day for everyone else and then they don't even show up. I was and still am PO'd! If everyone wouldn't have gone out their way to change their plans for it I wouldn't be so upset, but I just can't believe she did this and let her boyfriend's mom push her around like that. She could have at least called me and let me know beforehand because she knew my son's other grandpa wanted to take him for the day. Ok done venting. Sorry, it got much longer than I was expecting. Embarassed

Re: BM dresses check! vent included

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    I love your dresses! That sucks about your issues with your MOH and her kids.  I think that was pretty hurtful of her not to tell you about the change in plans.  You probably could have talked your children down before hand so they weren't all excited about hanging out with their cousins. 

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    Love the dresses!  Sorry about the whole deal with you maid of honor.  That was pretty inconsiderate especially since you called her and she didnt say anything!  Its always worse when you child gets upset too!  Hugs! 
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    very pretty!! love the lace!
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    Thanks everyone. I've calmed down more about the whole thing. The weekend still ended up pretty good, but I'm still a little disappointed.
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