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**cfibelkorn** and any other $5,000 weddings or less...

I noticed that you mentioned your wedding cost $5,000.00....do you mind giving me a rundown of how you accomplished this?  FI and I were talking last night, finally, about wedding plans...and I'm looking for a "cut the corner" suggestion...please?  I would be very grateful

Re: **cfibelkorn** and any other $5,000 weddings or less...

  • cfibelkorncfibelkorn member
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    Of course!! To begin I have a smaller guest list than most...about 40 ppl total

    Here is my breakdown: this is all I can think of...let me know if I left a vendor out

    Dress (Alfred Angelo) - $600.00


    Travis' suit (Express) - $112.00


    Wedding Store (supplies like candles and guest book) - $235.00


    Opio (ceremony space) - $750.00


    Reception (Hilton Park Cities) (36 people at $46.00 a plate) - $1,656.00


    Upgraded food for Bride & Groom (2 people at $57.00 a plate) - $114.00


    Service Fee (21%) - $318.36


    Tax (8.25%) - $213.23


    Bartender (cash bar) - $100.00


    Cashier - $50.00


    Use of Sound System (IPOD) - $75.00

    Florist (Market Street in Allen) - $100.00

    Cake (Panini Bakery) - $210.00

    Hair/MUA (Erin Gobin) - $278.00

    Invitations (DIY) - $100.00

    Photography (Union Valley Photography - FI's dad) - $0.00

    Officiant (Grandpa) - $0.00

    Rehearsal (no dinner) - $0.00

    Total Amount Spent - $4,911.59

    Amount Left - $88.41

    We will use what is left to buy accessories like ties and jewelery, maybe shoes (haven't decided if I will use a pair I already have or buy new ones)....Im sure we might go over a little bit but not much :)


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    The biggest things about having a wedding for less than $5k is not having a huge guest list, setting a detailed budget, and prioritizing what is important to you.
  • danielle16_17danielle16_17 member
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    I had a guest list of 60 people and like 6 kids and was something like this

    Bridal dress - Sample gown - addison bridal coutour $200
    Tux- Free since we rented 4
    Cermony-Free since using same space for reception 
    Reception ( The atruims at Park west- sit down dinner plus 3 hours alchol drinks= about $50 per person)= $3,250

    Service Fee (21%) & Tax + Bartender fee- $1000
    Florist (Market Street in Allen) - $100.00
    Dj & offiant ( family friend) -$250
    Photography (Friend of ours) - $0.00
    Hair- ( Ramsey's lewisville- friend works there) $25 per girl
    Invitations ( hobby lobby 50% coupon) $20
    Cake- $270

    Rehearsal (Fi's family paid) - $0.00
    Kristin Luv MUA-$100

  • annielouiseannielouise member
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    Dress (Maggie Sottero-40% off Sample) $    600.00
    Alterations $    150.00
    Flowers (Wholesale for bouq, Walmart bouq. for petals) $    300.00
    Votives/Pillars $    150.00
    Unity Candle (DIY) $       30.00
    Chris's attire (just needed vest, shirt, tie) $    100.00
    STD's (DIY, including postage) $       40.00
    Invites & RD Invites (123print.com, including postage) $    160.00
    Table Runners (DIY) $       30.00
    Centerpiece vases (Clearance at Walmart) $    120.00
    Spray Paint for Centerpieces $       10.00
    Arch/Pillars (Rent from Hobby Lobby) $       60.00
    Cake (DIY, Premade mix, Fondant Hobby Lobby) $       50.00
    Toulle for arch $       25.00
    Programs (DIY) $       25.00
    Accessories (Guest book, basket, etc.) $    100.00
    Reception/Dinner (see below) $ 1,764.00
    Beverages (Beer, Wine, Champagne Toast, Soda) $    500.00
    Tips $    400.00
    Gifts for Wedding Party (Guys-Golf, Girls-Pampering) $    300.00
    Officiant (Uncle, free)
    Photog (FSIL, amateur, free)
    Music (plug in Ipod to amp my bro gave us, free)
     $ 4,914.00

    We got really lucky with our venue.  We will be doing the ceremony/reception at the country club.  New owners have bought it out last year and they are starting to do all sorts of events that they haven’t done before, including our wedding—which we are being guinea pigs!


     The only thing they are charging us for is per person for the meal, which will be at max $1764, with 97 guests at $17.00/plate (plus 7% tax).  The sirloin is the most expensive at $17.00, we will also be offering chicken cordon bleu ($15.00) , vegan $15.00) and kids meal is $6.00 per plate.  Each meal includes: entrée, vegetable, potato side, bread and dessert.

    The venue has purchased new linens (in color of my preference, ivory), new chairs and new tables. 
    They will also be spraying again for mosquitos in the days prior to my wedding.
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    Awesome ladies! FI and I will be going over our budget slightly... probably around $7500.
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  • Kristin1129Kristin1129 member
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    Hi AnnieLouise - can you tell me which country club you are having your wedding at?  The price sounds way more in line with what I am looking for!

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    Cfibelkorn & Danielle: What did that $100 at Market Street get you for flowers?  Is that just a bride's bouquet?

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  • cfibelkorncfibelkorn member
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    That included a bridal bouquet with white roses and white hydrenga, 3 bridesmaid bouquets with green hydrenga, and 7 centerpieces with white roses and green hydrenga (I supplied the vases and river rocks for the centerpieces)
  • DonnaariesDonnaaries member
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    That is an amazing deal on flowers!
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  • cfibelkorncfibelkorn member
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    I know!! I had planned on DIYing my flowers and just decided to set up an appt for the heck of it....when I heard the price I called my FI to okay and then booked immediately :)

    Im not too big on flowers so they are pretty simple....but they have a million options and the woman that work there were so nice.
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    Thank you!!!  I really appreciate the info.  I have been moving desks the last two days, and haven't had a chance to jump on here.  Thank you, thank you....!!!
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    OK, I am definitely going to check out Market Street!  I really just want something simple and I would love roses & hydrangea too!
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    Where is Market Street? I'm looking into Central Market...
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    I know there's one in Colleyville.
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  • cfibelkorncfibelkorn member
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    Girls have used the one in Colleyville and the one in Allen

    I used the Allen location
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