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So I'm trying to figure out budget stuff for a DJ. What do DJ's usuallly charge? This is one of the expenses I really know nothing about. Any recommendations? I see everyone reccommending Melodies and Memories, what makes them so awesome?!

We are 367 days out now and I'm trying to focus on actually booking stuff/staying ahead!


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    We didn't have a DJ - but just wanted to say Kudos for being on top of things so early!
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    Wow, you ARE seriously on top of things! Melodies & Memories was the most affordable DJ that I was able to find, and I think what makes them so awesome is that they really know what they're doing. So, they're great quality and a great price. I want to say that we paid $700 for the reception plus $100 for the ceremony. Their pricing may have changed since I contacted them, but if you do get in touch with them be sure to mention that you were recommended to them by the girls on TK, and they will give you a discount. :)

    Personally, the other DJs that I spoke with ranged from $1500-2000.
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    My DJ was $1500 (in 2009) but I know he has gone up.  DJs really run the gamut in price because they range from people just starting out, to people doing it on the side, to people who do only corporate events full-time.  (The DJ I really wanted in 2009 was $3K.)  And DJs with good established reputations can charge more, obviously.

    I was shocked to find out how much the good ones cost when I was planning.  But I really wanted someone established who I connected with who wasn't cheesy.  I loved my DJ and thought he was worth every penny. 

    I wanted a more elegant style so I didn't consider M&M for my wedding, however, having been to a wedding where they were the DJ, I would recommend them if you are going to have a younger crowd and a more party-type atmosphere (most of my crowd was older, didn't dance, etc.).  The wedding I went to where they were the DJ was probably one of the most fun weddings I've been to.

    If you want a more refined style of DJ, I would recommend another company started by my DJ, LeForce Entertainment.  It really just depends on what you are going for.  Another good quality that you will find in the higher end DJs is that they do more than just play the music--they will help you coordinate the entire reception.  I know Melody falls into this category also.
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    We used Glenn Roush Entertainment and got tons of compliments on the music he was playing. We paid 1,250 for ceremony and reception. Good for you being on top of planning!
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    Im using D&D DJ & Photography Services. I was quoted $500 for ceremony, reception, and slide show of our engagments pics on his screens. He has other packages that comes with lights etc.
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    I'm using DJ Tony Lopez, and he quoted $600 and that includes the lighting trees. He has videos on FaceBook you can check out as well. I've met him in person once already and was impressed.
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    I'm using Astounding Sounds and Lighting.  They are running me $1700 for Reception and Ceremony.  They have an awesome reputation and are worth every penney
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    [QUOTE]I'm using Astounding Sounds and Lighting.  They are running me $1700 for Reception and Ceremony.  They have an awesome reputation and are worth every penney
    Posted by rdavidson827[/QUOTE]

    Astounding Sounds (Colby) was my second choice and they did my boss' wedding as well.
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    Hi! We used Figment Productions for our wedding (7/16/11) and he was our favorite vendor!! He played all the music we wanted, kept the guests happy, and his wife doted on us all night long. We never had to look for anything and we had a great time! We paid around 750.

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    We are using Rod Baker @ DFW Parties. His regular price is 1200 but since we are getting married on a sunday he droped it to 600. He also lowered it a bit beause he loves what our venue does(it is run by a children's charity and the money they make from weddings goes back into the charity for emergency foster homes and other programs)
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