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This place seems to have a ton of good reviews despite the fact that I just sort of came across it during a random google search. It hasn't come up on many of the main wedding sites, but the people that have used their venue have loved it. I can't seem to find any price estimates though. It's in McKinney so I suspect it's on the pricier side, but I'd like to make sure before I cross it off the list because it looks incredible on the site and the few photo blogs I've come across. Has anyone had a or been to a wedding here? Any idea on the cost? Wedding wire reviews give it a 5/5 on cost value, but that could just mean they're really great and really expensive. Predicted wedding size, 150 and budget for venue/food/drink, 5k-6.5k. Thanks for any help!

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  • I would just email them and see if they will give you a price estimate. 
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    I stayed here for a wedding last May. We secured rooms for $129 a night. The rooms were nice, but it is definitely a historic hotel (not modern, luxurious "older" decor). 
    The rehearsal dinner was at Rick's Steakhouse (their in-house restaurant) and the food was delicious. I estimated the menu to be around 30-35$ per person (steak dinner, not including alcohol). I would imagine that their prices are competitive with similar hotels in downtown Fort Worth. Their upstairs ballroom is beautiful. 
    While the initial price might be a little high, they are full service and include everything (versus cheaper diy venues like the flour mill or cotton mill where you have to bring everything in). 
    Another option you might consider if you are set on McKinney is Stonebridge Ranch Country Club. I thought the building/grounds were beautiful. 
  • If I am not mistaken, we have (or had) a Knottie getting married there but I am not sure she posts here anymore.  Hopefully she will chime in.

    The problem you are going to run into with a hotel is their food and beverage minimum.  I would just email them and ask for their pricing. 
  • Before crossing it off your list I would call or email them. I don't know the price but it is a great venue and very pretty. It is historic but with the exposed brick and large windows you could easily have a modern themed wedding there too.
  • I'm getting married here in November. I know the food is fantastic, but it is a little pricy with hidden fees (200$ just to cut your cake!). For a plated dinner (cheaper than buffet) and a bar the price is around $10k.
  • I am getting married here in May. F&B min is $40/per person. We have about 150 guests and are having our ceremony and reception there, and we are spending $10,000. There are cheaper meal options to put you well under that for 150. 

    It is a beautiful space, and their customers service is AMAZING.
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  • Thinking of getting married at the The Tribute in the colony. Does anyone know the cost?
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