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I am looking for a place with an outdoor option for the ceremony and then an inside reception. My fiance loves a more modern look so I have to keep that in consideration. As far as price...I'd like it to be under 6k...at the most 8k. If you have any ideas please let me know!

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    I am getting married at the Filter Building by White Rock Lake. The prices are on their website. Warning, though, they are completely DIY, so I got a day of coordinator to help with everything. A few girls on the board are using the Filter Building and we all love it!
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    Is there a certain area of that metroplex that you'd like to stay within?

    As all of the other ladies will probably say, start with the vendor sticky for some ideas. We looked at the Trinity River Audubon Center in Dallas and it had very modern architecture while IMO still having a beautiful outdoor space. However, it is kind of like a museum so if you're going for a "fancy" feel it may not have enough luxury for you. It was under 4k.

    The T&P Station in downtown Fort Worth also has a very modern yet classic feel and it was under 3k, but it is a very DIY venue (as the rental only comes with the space and tables/chairs). You could use the Fort Worth Water Gardens (which is just across the street) for an outdoor ceremony.
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    What is your guest size?  That would help also.  Here are some others that come to mind (keeping in mind I am not sure of your guest size or if $6K includes food and beverage):

    Lofty Spaces
    Marc Events
    809 Vickery (Ft. Worth)
    Artside 111 (Ft. Worth)

    You might like Event 1013, but it doesn't have an outdoor option.  There are others, but these are the ones that are more modern.  The Filter Building would be a perfect choice if it will accommodate your guest size.  Alot of the more modern places are blank spaces that need alot of DIY.
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    Just remember that it is Dallas and the summers (if that's what you're thinking) can be very inhospitable. 

    I know that The Village Country Club has space for both and that's in Dallas.  Good luck!
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    In Ft Worth there is 809 At Vickery. Also A&M Gardens and The Orchard in Azle.
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    I got married at the wildwood inn in Denton and they had an outdoor option.
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    We snagged the audubon center for our June wedding and are thrilled! the plan is to have the ceremony in the butterfly garden and the reception indoors. we have a slew of kids coming, so for us the museum part is absolutely perfect (and our kids are super excited about the sand pit, LOL)

    I like that it's byo, they had a great list of caterers and came in well under budget for us.

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    I'm a filter building bride as well!  3-31-12.  LOVE the Filter Building.  :-)
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    [QUOTE]I'm a filter building bride as well!  3-31-12.  LOVE the Filter Building.  :-)
    Posted by stacynmarch12[/QUOTE]

    Yay! So is KHolly, if you see her around. She's in June!
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