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We're getting married at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth, and they have a few stipulations: no open flames (so no sparklers or candles) and no tossing/throwing of any kind (no rice, seeds, no confetti, glitter...). Anyone have any ideas for something else for the exit?

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  • I've seen a lot of people do glow sticks recently... I can't say I'm huge on the idea, but some of the pictures are kind of cool.

    You might also do some kind of ribbons attached to dowels or something like that, some fabric that will catch the camera flash so it will still look neat in your pictures?



  • I've heard of the glow sticks idea and bubbles. Bubbles might be tricky, because they only allow you to do bubbles when you're on the grass, and since we'd be exiting, I think everyone would be on the concrete / pull-up area at the front of the reception building, so that probably wouldn't work with their weird rules. The glow sticks would work nicely in that it would look cool with it getting dark out around the time we'd be exiting (around 9 p.m. in June), but I also wasn't crazy about the idea either. I don't want people to think we're some crazy ravers lol, but I might still consider it. The ribbon idea sounds like a good idea too. Hadn't thought of that one. I also saw pictures of everyone having little bells to ring, but that sounds a little pricey and noisy. Thanks for the ideas! Let me know of any other ideas!
  • We did the ribbon wands and they were a hit! Looked good in the pics too! we udes nice bright aqua and coral so it really popped in the pictures.
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    [QUOTE]We did the ribbon wands and they were a hit! Looked good in the pics too! we udes nice bright aqua and coral so it really popped in the pictures.
    Posted by tiffanygoss[/QUOTE]

    I bet those colors did look really pretty together! I think for ours, since it's peacock-themed, we'd do purple, teal, and maybe turquois too. Did you make yours or buy them?
  • I really had my heart set on sparklers too, but my venue didn't allow it. We ended up using lavender buds, which smelled amazing & went with our purple theme. I looked into glow-in-the-dark bubbles, but in the end was too lazy to put the work it. The ribbon wands are super popular right now & easy to make yourself.... http://offbeatbride.com/2012/05/festive-ribbon-wands-instead-of-throwing-confetti (I loved the offbeat bride site when I was planning). :)
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