April 2012 Weddings

AW: It's my birthday!!

I'm at work and I have tons of work to do, but I don't feel motivated to do anything! Tongue out  Which isn't good because I have looming deadlines hanging over my head.

To be honest, besides my phone blowing up with Facebook notifications it will be just another average day. My FI is still thousands of miles away, I'm still going to work, and to round out the day I'll probably eat leftovers for dinner.

The only glimmer of hope to kick me out of this rut is a mystery package arrived in the mail on Friday from a Coach store in Jacksonville (FI is stationed there)... Every year my FI gets me something from Coach, Big (Purse) or small (Key chain) he always incorporates Coach into my birthday. He said I can open the package as long as he makes it back from trainin (which got delayed a day) and we can Skype.

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