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Heard-Craig Hall in McKinney - feedback please

Has anyone had or been to The Heard-Craig Hall in McKinney for a wedding reception? I'd love some feedback if you have.

I just secured this venue after Event 1013 was taken from under me!

LEARN FROM ME! I called Event 1013 yesterday and said I wanted the specific date that they had open. I explained I just needed confirmation from the church they could do our ceremony on that day as well. I even explained the wedding coordinator for our church was out of town yesterday too but would know for certain in the early evening and would call as soon as I knew. She gave me no instructions nod said he'd be happy to assist me in any way she could. Fast forward a few hours, we meet with the coordinator and secure he church. I call the number Event1013 left me to call and eave a message. Being excited, I sent an email last night as well. This morning I get a call someone else booked that date! What? I was under the impression I HAD IT! Apparently not as the other people gave them their information. I was never asked my information, a deposit, or told what to do. So, learn from me, if you find the venue, sign your life away ASAP!
On the flip side, I prayed this morning and God provided! Amen. I got Heard-Craig Hall and I think it's going to be evn better and more beautiful, not o mention less expensive!

Re: Heard-Craig Hall in McKinney - feedback please

  • I can relate. I had a venue call me an hour before my appointment to tell me my date was gone. Bottom line is that a deposit secures the date and nothing else. HeardCraig will be lovely. I will look at my list of Knottie reviews when I get to work tomorrow to see if I can find you any feedback.
  • Well darn, I could only find one review.  But it was a good one.

    Heard Craig Hall
    We had a great experience with them.  They only book one wedding per weekend, so, if you need extra time to purchase last minute (like we did), it's an easy addition.  I think it also helped that our wedding planner had a good relationship with them.  We LOVED the fact that we got to bring in the beer and wine (both locally made in McKinney) that we wanted.  And it saved us a BUNDLE!
  • Thank you for the review! Good to hear!
  • I'm getting married in McKinney too and considered the Heard Craig house. I saw photos of a really pretty wedding though. I ultimately decided on a different venue, but I did like what I saw and heard about Heard Craig. Don't know if that helps.
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