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So, I am getting to finalizing my must-have photos with my photographer.  What were some of your favorite pictures from your wedding?  Were there any photos that you wish you had mentioned to your photographer?

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    I really wanted a picture of me and DH under the chandelier in the hotel.  My photographer got it but it didn't end up being one of my favorites.  My advice is not to worry too much about this and just let your photographer do his/her job.

    Some of my faves were our first look and private last dance for sure.

    The one of DH carrying me over the threshold to our hotel room. 
    Me standing alone before the ceremony.
    There's a B&G pic I love--it's the one over my fireplace
    Another B&W B&G pic in front of the bar where DH is kissing my cheek
    A few of our exit are really good

    These are all in my bio if you want to look at them.

    I wish I had gotten more of me alone in my dress.  I have some but I don't love them and none of them are full length shots of me standing up.  I also wish we had done the "5-minute rule" where we are alone for the first 5 minutes after the ceremony.  Instead we were drinking champagne with the WP which was fun but I have seen some where the B&G are alone and they are so special.
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