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Anyone make a Wedding Map?

I wanted to make one to include with my invites, but I cannot figure out how to do it.  Some tutorials were saying they made it in powerpoint and traced over the top of a google screen shot with the curve tool.  It is not working for me.  The curves will not go where it needs to go.  Is there any other way?

Re: Anyone make a Wedding Map?

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    My mom made ours. I think what she did was just googled the address of the venue, and used the map that came up on google maps. She printed that off on the cardstock that came with the invites.

     Then on the opposite side of the map, she listed directions coming from 3 seperate locations (so for example, coming from the Ft. Worth area, Dallas, and Denton)
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    I printed out a google map of the area, then used another sheet of paper to trace the path, and then scanned in my tracing.  And then I added details in Microsoft Paint (street names, little clip art for church and a cake for the reception site).  Not the most efficient way to do it, but it was simple and straight-forward.  But it also requires a scanner - not sure if you have access to one.
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    I looked at a map of the streets near our venue and then I used Excel to place the streets and used the textboxes to write the names of the important places. Then I copied and pasted it onto a publisher document where I put word directions around the map.
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    What do you want the end product to look like? Would something like this work? (I made this in 3 minutes, excuse the cheesy clip-art!)

    If so:
    Make a Google map of the locations, take a screen shot by pressing Alt and Print Screen at the same time, open up Microsoft Paint, go to edit/paste, crop out all of the extra stuff using the crop tool, then right click and copy the cropped box into powerpoint. From there you can add clip art and text boxes and save as jpg for online use or print on whatever for invite use.

    This is probably not the most efficient way, but it is really easy!

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    I did this all of the time when I made wedding programs professionally. Mapquest maps look better. I like to change them to black and white. Add a thickish border, and use photoshop to make the route one of your wedding colors. You can usually get 4 to a page (map front/directions back if needed).
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    I know of a fantastic company called distinctive directions look it up she is one of my friends and is awesome and budget friendly!! :)Laughing
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