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Celebrity China and Glass - is it a SCAM??

Hello Ladies,

I recently received a phone call from someone at Celebrity China. I had left my information with them at a Bridal Extravaganza.

He informed me if I came to a short presentation I would receive 2 Crystal toasting flutes and a gift card for a 3 day/ 2 night stay in one of the Hilton family hotels.

I looked them up on google and Celebrity China and Crystal Scam came up. Do not know it these gifts and others he was mentioning were too good to be true.


Re: Celebrity China and Glass - is it a SCAM??

  • Hello,

    I understand you probably get a lot of emails but please don't overlook this one. Celebrity China has ruined my life and my future with my hubby. The reason for this is there expensive cookware. Before April 6th, 2013 we received numerous calls stating that we had won 2 free toasting flutes. When I had called someone back they had told me that if I listened to a 90 minute presentation I would receive my free toasting flutes at the end of the presentation.   On April 6th, 2013 My fiancée had attended a presentation and never received our free toasting flutes.
    On April 6th, 2013. My fiancée and I  had purchased a set of Celebrity China including: flat ware, cookware and an 8 piece knife set for a price of $2184.73.  My fiancée and I were very unsure about making such a large purchase and did no research on this third party company before making a final decision.  The salesman Rik Plumb had sold us this purchase at the Sterling Inn in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Rik was extremely high pressuring and would not let us leave without making a purchase.  We received the cookware, knife set, and flat ware on April 29th 2013.  We had used one pan out of the six pans that we had received. The salesman had told us that the pans were nonstick and everything we cooked on them for the one meal we cooked stuck to the pan.   On April 30th 2013, my fiancée had lost his job making us unable to pay for the cookware set. I had made a phone call to Celebrity China in Lenexa Kansas. I had discussed my concerns with Doug.   Who had told me that he was unable to return the un used pans and I was forced to pay for them. When I had talked to Doug there was minute pause between our conversations making me believe that I was talking to a computer and Doug does not even exist.  Rik Plumb is another one that does not exist. After I had the conversation was Doug I was infuriated and decided to send the pans back. They were sent out and returned on (date). My fiancée did some research and the phone number and name given were fake.  I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau , Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General, and the Cosumer Agency of Michigan. Something needs to be done about this.  This company is a fraud and is high pressuring. I have done a lot of research on this company and I did not find any good reviews on them.  I hope that with all of this negative feedback from this company you think twice for letting them attend Bridal Shows. Please let every bride you know about this company. They are nothing but a scam and innocent young bride and grooms should be aware of them.

    Thanks for your time,

    Melissa & Mark Mazalauskas

  • hoffsehoffse member
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    A few things.

    OP, while that second post is sort of bizarre, the theme is correct.  Those "free deals" from bridal shows are nearly always too good to be true, and they are scams.  Don't do it.

    Second, nice china by itself often runs in the thousands of dollars MSRP.  Our china, which is a pattern by Lenox (very standard china company) would run around $3,000 for 12 place settings, 2 serving bowls, a platter, gravy boat, creamer, and sugar if we bought it at MSRP.  So spending thousands on china is not uncommon in terms of price point, but it's really dumb to buy from a company that you don't know about when the price is that high.  It's even more dumb to spend that much money when you don't know that you can pay it off.

    OP, if you want freebies stick to the registry perks that places like Macy's and BBB offers.  They are real.
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    WTH is up with bumping threads from TWO YEARS AGO???  I'm pretty sure their problem is no longer a concern at this point.

  • misshart00misshart00 Oklahoma member
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    My guess is the second poster googled "celebrity china" and this thread popped up, so she immediately came here to post her weird letter without looking at the date.
  • Hi All, 
     We did also get a call back for Celebrity China and we did have a good experience and did get our two flutes that they promised as well as hotel stay. We did not feel pressured to purchase anything.  The two gentlemen did not promise us anything or push anything on us. I wish you all the best for your weddings.  
  • My husband and I recently bought $1250 worth of pots and pans through Celebrity. They contacted us after we attended a bridal show in our area. We live Kansas and actually went to their location to see the presentation. We loved it, the food they cooked right in front of us was delicious and didn't take long either. We love all the aspects of the pans and even thought the are on the pricey side they are well worth it. I'd rather have these pans, that come with lifetime warranty, than buy many sets over and over again to replace those non-stick pans that get so scratched. If your food was sticking to the pan, you were cooking it too high. These pans circulate the heat much better because they are 9 ply all the way around the pan, not just on the bottom, so you don't have to cook them on anything over medium heat. They are stainless steel and very durable! Like ANY pans they require good maintenance and the proper cooking methods that are explained in the presentation as well as the manual. As for the flutes, we got ours! When we bought the pans we even got to upgrade our flutes to solid black ones with silver trim from the regular clear crystal ones they gave out just for attending. We also got the hotel stay, AND a Cruise trip with our purchase. We are very excited to go on our trips. Plus they give out 90 day coupon, so that if you can't make a payment you can use this coupon and get a break without stressing out. We love our pans and will stay with this company for the long haul! I do suggest doing some research if you don't know the company or the salesmen before paying such high amounts of money. 
  • Also be aware of Royal Prestige they are a SCAM . .called us the same way free vacation, glasses, or rings, we are stuck paying $3500.00 plus fir stainless steel pan that everything sticks to and you can't cancel. . Its horrible. . Glad I didn't fall for this one too..
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