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gift registry is driving me insane

okay so we dont need anything for our home (dishes,sheets,etc.) we are remodeling our home however does registering at home depot sound too out of this world?

the F wants to do a money tree im kind of skeptical of that idea.

another idea would be not to register anywhere and justhave a box at thewedding tht way if anyone has a card they can slip it in there. obviously cash would be preferred. 

im just pulling my hair out . i dont want things i dnt need or want or have to tae somethings back because ive received muliple gifts.

Re: gift registry is driving me insane

  • If you truly don't need anything, don't register, and people will either give you a gift of their choosing or give you a cash gift if they'd like to give you something.  I would recommend you make a small registry of things to upgrade--and you can also add less conventional items, like tools and camping equipment--and people will either buy from that or take that as a hint that you would like cash.  If guests ask you where you are registered (or ask your mom/dad/etc.), you can say, "We registered at Macy's, and we are also saving for a home remodel."  

    I wouldn't recommend registering at Home Depot.  I don't have any personal experience with it, but I have heard that your registry is only good at the store where you make it, so it will only work if your guests will all shop at your store.  Sears does have a registry, though.  

    It is rude to ask for cash, and I would put a money tree in that category.  It's pretty common to have a card box, though, and that's totally fine.  Many people give cash gifts at weddings (or give a card if they sent you a gift separately), so it's a good idea to have a card box to keep all the cards from getting lost.  

    If you get things you don't want, accept them graciously and either donate, return, or regift.  
  • I've had a friend do a Home Depot registry and they received a few gifts from it but the only issue with it was guests had to go to the store and couldn't access their registry online.  

    If you want to do a small registry, that's fine but a money tree, I don't find it appropriate.  Like you said, cash is obviously preferred and guests know this.  Doing a card box is a normal thing to have on your gift table and it helps keep all the cards in one place. 
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    Nay to money tree, yay to a card box. Card boxes are meant to keep the cards together and safe. I think they're fine. A money tree is just weird and awkward,, though. I mean, we're all taught at a young age that money doesn't grow on trees. Your wedding doesn't change that. If you don't want or need anything, don't register for anything. And them if you get any money, spend it at Home Depot.
  • If your FI wants to register at home depot for tools, I'd also check out amazon.  Not everybody is aware of it, but the word seems to be getting out that they have a registry and it's awesome.  If you wanted a "registry" at home depot for gift cards (for things like paint or whatever) I would just not register at all and spread the word via your family and wedding party that you haven't registered but are saving up for some remodelling.  You're likely to get a lot of cash and a number of gift cards to home depot and lowe's.
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  • Okay, sorry if this question is nuts but I've never heard of a money tree before. What exactly is it? OP, people will know to give cash if you have no registry or a small one. Just spread the word through family and friends that you're remodeling. :)
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