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Boudoir photos!

 I'm thinking of getting pictures for him on the day of. For those that have or going to get Boudoir photos how are you giving it to him in like a photo album that holds like 100 pictures I only want to do 5 or 6 photo shots, i just don't know how to present it to him. should I frame each one?

Re: Boudoir photos!

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    whe i do mine I thinkin of jsut putting them in anice album, since there will only be like 5 shots.
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    My matron of honor and I are both getting married this year so we decided to split a boudoir session with the same photographer. We are going to

    One of the services he offered us was 5-6 photos of our choice in a bound leather book that simply looks amazing. We both plan on giving it to our husband's to be on our wedding days as our gift to them. If there's a great shot that can be put in a frame for his desk, I say go pic your favorite and frame it!

    Good luck and have fun with it!

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