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    I looked up Frisco Ranch just now and it's in Frisco ISD, which is good.  The only negative to that area is that I hate 423 with a passion.  It's one-lane for the most part right now (there are sections that are 2 lanes once you get closer to The Colony), and they are working on making it 2 or 3 lanes all the way from Lebanon up to 380.  I believe they just started and I think last time I checked the completion for that project was about 2 years (David drives it to work).  So traffic sucks right now and I personally think the road is a little unsafe.

    However, once 423 is finished, I think you will be in a great area. 
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    I'm still in the market for a dress....do you have pictures that I can see?
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    Thanks for the info, I hate traffic so we may need to stay away from that area.
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    Hester I would start a different post for that :) that way you can make sure everyone sees it
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    Hester if you give me your email address I can send you some.
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    If you're trying to sell the dresses still, let me know...I haven't bought mine, yet!  Maybe I can help you out, and I can get that part over with!!!

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    I just started Eat, Pray, Love last night.  I've had the book for a few years I feel and had just been picking other stuff.  I've been trying to read 1 book a month but E,P,L is just my March book!  A little behind, but I finished The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown in a week and a half so hopefully i can catch up.

    Balfour- what is your favorite fast food joint (in texas)? And what is your favorite thing on the menu?  I'd have to say Chic-fil-a for sure.  I always get the nuggets with polynesian sauce.  I swear that sauce has crack in it. 

    Oh and my name is Brandi
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    Melissa, check out Grayhawk.  It's a master planned community.  I loved it but the new builds are out of our price range.  It's on Eldorado east of 423, so the only traffic you'd have to deal with is getting to the Tollway.  I've driven it at different times of the day with no issues whatsoever.

    Or...  check out our house!  ;)
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    Hi Ladies, I'm Amanda...
    I work as an accountant for Lockheed Martin and I have a furbaby kitty, Chloe!

    Thanks for posting cfibelkorn, fun to read!
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