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Thank you for duplicate gift

At my shower, I received my (beautiful apple green!) stand mixer (off my registry) from my mom and dad. My aunt, who was at the shower and watched along with everyone else as I oohed and aahed over my new kitchen toy, brought our wedding present to the shower. I brought it home and unwrapped it later that night with FI - another stand mixer (not off my registry). Luckily, it was covered with "Kohl's" labels, so we were able to return it for store credit no problem. We used that store credit to buy every single piece of clothing we'll be wearing on our honeymoon hike - which is an amazing gift indeed!Question: Obviously, my aunt and uncle deserve a huge thank you for the generous gift. But... Since it's pretty obvious you can't keep two stand mixers in an apartment, should I break with etiquette and explain what we did with the store credit? Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Re: Thank you for duplicate gift

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    what exactly would this thank you note say?  "thanks for the gift i obviously can't use or store.  i returned it and bought something else instead.  i know you spent time, money and effort picking out a gift, and i used that to pick something that is clearly better for me.  thanks anyway, your niece."
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    sticky situation.  since she saw you open the other one and its your aunt I think what you said would work fine.    I think proper etiquette says to say thank you for the gift you got though. 
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    Proper etiquette says you don't mention anything.  Your aunt doesn't know which mixer you returned and doesn't need to.
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    Looks like I'll just thank her for the mixer. Thanks, gals.
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    Mention a quick 'thanks for the gift' and focus on thanking them for attending the wedding, it was great seeing them, hope they had a good time, etc.
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    Only if she comes over and sees that you don't have her mixer, do you need to make excuses. Hopefully, in that case you can still put the other mixer away, so that she doesn't even have a reason to bring it up.
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