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My fiance and i haven't registered yet, but we have no idea what to register for. We already live together and have most of the stuff needed in a house. We live in an apartment as of now and probably still will be when we get married next may. i know that china is traditional to register for, but what else are good things to register for?! please help me with some ideas!!!
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    How about upgrades?  We had the basics, too.  We registered for nice sheets, extra towels, nicer everyday dishes, nicer silverware, and then random cool stuff like an ice cream maker, a bread machine and a cappucino machine.  Check out BB&B online or another store like it and look at the appliances and see if there are some things you would use.  
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    Also, when you go to stores they usually give you a list of what you "need" for your home. I read over that and there were a few things that I realized we did need and didn't have. Hopefully that helps!
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    We also didn't really need anything new but we did register for lots of upgrades. We also registered for fancy china, which we didn't have. A few things that I upgraded to, just to give you some ideas: coffeemaker, breadmaker, kitchenaid mixer, new flatware, nicer wine glasses, a wine fridge, wine racks, bar set. Geez, I drink a lot. I just realized. Anyway, it was a nice opportunity to upgrade some things that were either broken down or crappy to begin with.
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