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Not having a shower question about registry?

I'm getting married 10/3. I'm 99% certain that I'm not having a shower. I only have one bridesmaid and she is 1500 miles away and can't come until 10/1. My maid of honor is busy, busy and haven't been very good with helping me plan anything at all. Of course it tacky to throw my own shower.I have a question though should I even waste my time with a registry or just let our guests decide what to get if anything? How would I go about it for the wedding guests since it's tacky to put it in the invitations??Is it OK to put a wedding website link in the invitations. My FI is really against creating one but I been telling him that we can password protect it and only share the password with those we are inviting.I been reading posts that it's tacky to put the registry information with wedding invations which is a complete surprise because every invitation that I have ever received had that info in there. So several, several, several people have done it wrong. I don't want to come across as the tacky bride. Any ideas/suggestions????

Re: Not having a shower question about registry?

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    if someone is that interested in getting a gift for you, they will either ask you or think of something.  it's fine to put a wedding website link in the invites; most brides do this to post hotel information, directions and engagement pictures, in addition to links to the for your shower, don't worry about it.  people may surprise you and want to show you a shower, whether your moh is involved or not.i would suggest registering, if that's something you want to do. 
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    Thanks. I'll go ahead with my FI and register this weekend that way if they ask us or my parents then we can tell them we are Registered at such, and such.
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    We werent going to register either but were told by many people that we should anyway. 
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    as far as registering I say go ahead, as someone who has been to literally 30 weddings in 3 yrs trust me its easier on the guests if they know what you want lol. We put the link to our website on our invites, ya it has our registry info on it but like pp said it also has all the info about the ceremony and location etc so I dont think its the same as the lil insert cards (which the girl at BBB almost had a heart attack about when I told her we didnt want them....)
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    May I offer a mid-fifty year old person's perspective?  Quite a few of my son's friends are marrying this year (it's how I found out about this website) and I love the link to the couple's information.  I was able to purchase gifts for the couples, get information on the dress code and hotels in the area and felt like I was more personally connected to the couples and their wedding.  If people don't want to connect with the link, that is their choice.  For the rest of us who are very busy but want to give gifts that will be appreciated, this site is amazing!
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    I agree with all the PP. Just wanted to add, you should register for your wedding, even if you aren't having a shower.
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