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My FMIL told me she went to BBB to get us some things but none of what was on our list was in the store. We registered at a different store than the one she went to, so I just assumed that was the problem. I went into the store she went to and they printed for me what was not available in their store. (none of our pots and pans and a few other things) What she said she was looking for, they showed available, so I didn't know what actually happened. Then we asked for some friends of ours who are getting married the following weekend and started hunting for the things on their registry. They registered at the store we were in and we couldn't find hardly anything. The name of the item that shows up doesn't match what is on the shelves, nor does the brand. It's nearly impossible to find anything without the help of a store clerk! My fiance was extremely frustrated by the time we finally found the rug they wanted only to discover the color they wanted wasn't in stock! We registered so people would have an idea what to get us. I'm beginning to feel horible if they experienced what we went through looking for our friends stuff! Anyone else have this happen?

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    #1, their stock probably changes more often than you think, so some stuff not being there at different times is understandable.  #2, We did a lot of adding and adjusting online, big mistake.  I had to go in and print the list and eliminated most things that had to be ordered, no one really wants to do that.  So you're friends might have registered there, and then made changes online, not realizing that specific store wouldn't have it.I think overall, their registry is really smooth, but there will be some snags along the way. 
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    omg i am so glad you posted this! the same thing happened to me! my shower was yesterday and i found out the day before (by my sister) that about 3/4 of the stuff i had registered at bbb were not available! it is very frustrating because there were alot of things i needed that were not available. so instead of things that are useful we got ALOT of picture frames, photo albumns, candles. so i HIGHLY recommend if you are registered there, go into the store and print the list out right around the time the shower invites go out so you do not have the same thing happen to you. and like pp said, do not add alot of stuff on-line. go into the store and scan the stuff and go to the store that alot of the people will be shopping at.i just wish i would have known this sooner! i'm kinda made that my moh noticed this when she went about 3 weeks ago but didn't tell me! i guess it was my fault though...i should have went into the store and printed the list instead of just looking at it online.  
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    With any store, the important thing to do is actually register AT THE STORE, not online.  Otherwise you definitely rish registering for things that are only available online.That said, BBB pays the bills with registries, not regular sales (I used to work there).  If any of your guests cannot find what they need in the store, just ask someone and they'll order it for you.  And if they pick it up at the store, there's no fee.  The last thing BBB wants to do is upsset registry customers.
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    We did register IN STORE, as did our friends. We, however, registered in a different store, apparently a little larger. The issue wasn't that it wasn't at that store...but rather that what the registry list called it wasn't what the label said it was, or they were out of it. They did offer to ship things too the store from annother store, but they charge shipping.
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    same thing with me. the store i registered at is a bigger bbb then some of the ones the people shopped at.  i looked at my registery from time to time on-line and maybe added a thing or two on line but the majority was scanned at the "bigger" bbb store. the smaller bbb stores don't carry as much i guess.  i just wish someone would have told me that. that is all....
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