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I am sure that there has been posts on this already, that I have yet to have found. However, I am stuck on how much I should be spending on the wedding party favors for all my guest at the wedding to take home. Does anyone have an idea?-Amber, CA

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    My favors are going to come out at about $1.25 per guest. We're estimating that about 120 will come since it'll be mostly OOT guests so $150 for favors.
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    We had nuts, mints, and spinach dip with crackers out for people to snack on all night, so I didn't think extra candy "favors" were needed. We decided that the money would be better spent in our open bar budget. And I think for our families and friends, that was the right choice. I never heard a comment about not having favors. To answer your question though, I wouldn't spend more than a $1-2 per person. Probably more like $1.
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