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So I am working on this, but what do you get for the guys?  The girls I am giving them jewelery, but want a few more ideas - I want to be sure I give them something they will remember and cherish.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! 

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    We're getting our guys cuff links of shields. In the past (super long ago kind of past) the groomsmen were called grooms knights and they fought for the woman the groom wanted to marry (or so I have heard) so we are giving them as a nice gift with some symbolism  behind it.
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    We got each of our guys a gift card to the NFL or NHL online shop of their favorite team, a monogramed flask and bottle of really good rum.
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    We're probably getting his brother a colts jersey. I am taking my brother out for a good steak dinner.
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    As a former bridesmaid, I hated getting jewelry that I wore for the wedding only. So, I refuse to give it to my girls. I tried to put myself back into the bridesmaid position and give gifts that I would enjoy as a BM. So this is what I came up with. I picked them up a Vera Bradley bag (in a color that I know they like), a trinket box with their intial and name, a fall candle (to stick with the wedding theme), and a small item individualized to the BM that would fit in the trinket box. My fiance ordered the guys military grade knives that were engraved with their name and a special saying. Hope this helps...good luck!
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