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Opening gifts before the wedding

My fiance and I are getting married next weekend and have already received a couple gifts in the mail. Is it okay for us to open the gifts before the wedding? If so, should we send out thank you notes immediately, or wait until after the wedding?

Re: Opening gifts before the wedding

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    I agree with open and send a thank you immediately. I know etiquette says not to use it until after the wedding but honestly, if you get a gift 2 weeks before, who is going to know (or care) you're using the new sheets/pans/etc... They sent it to you early so why not use it early?
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    Yes, open them right away and send a thank you right away.  Two reasons - so they know you got it/it's not lost in the mail/online order screwed up, etc., and, because you're gonna be writing eleventy billion thank yous after the wedding so any you can get out of the way earlier will make your life much easier.  Just be sure to have an organized list somewhere to track who gave what gifts, and when you sent the thank yous.  Stay on top of it - trust me it is easy to write a quick thank you and then not be able to remember if you mailed it.  I kept a notebook in my living room and as soon as a gift arrived, i wrote it down, and then put a check mark when the thank you was in the envelope in my work bag.  Then after mailing it on my way home from work I would put another check to be sure I mailed it.
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