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When to have shower...

I'm getting married 9/25/10. When is a good time to register and have the bridal shower??? TIA

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    You can register whenever you want just keep in mind that the further out you register, the more likely a lot of items will be discontinued before any parties.You have the shower whenever someone chooses to host one for you. Since a bridal shower is a gift-giving event, it is tacky/rude to host your own. You'll just look gift-grabby.HTH
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    Traditionally, a shower should be held within the 8 weeks before the wedding. This rule has somewhat fallen to the wayside when the bride and/or other VIP guests live far away and need to travel to the shower, but in many social circles it is still a hard and fast rule that the shower should not be more than 2 months before the wedding. You can register anytime. DH and I registered a little less than a year before our wedding, and we received many gifts off our registry for Christmas and as engagement gifts, so we're glad we did it early. Just keep in mind that items may be discontinued throughout the year. We just registered for china, crystal, flatware, and luggage at first, then added kitchen items closer to the shower. Just make sure it's updated and that there are a number of items available in all price ranges by the time your shower invitations are mailed out.
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    Whenever someone offers you a shower is when you have a shower it is at the hostess choice if they offer you one Reigister in about 3 months
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    Showers occur in a 6-week window prior to the event.  So your shower or showers would be between August 14, 2010 and September 24, 2010.
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    mine was 4 weeks before the wedding.  actually, i would have liked to have had it sooner, b/c i felt like i couldn't realistically invite people who would have to fly in for that (and/or the bach party) because it's just too close to the wedding. register whenever..... the bridal shower should come when your hosts want to have it :)
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