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Should I register?

My fiance and I rent my parent's basement. We are currently saving to find a place of our own. (it's going to be a while before we get one) Anyway, I don't feel at this time it would be right to register or have a bridal shower. It's not that we have everything we will need once we have our own place, but everything we need my parents have. If you were in my shoes would you register and have a bridal shower?

Re: Should I register?

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    We were in a similar situation. We rent a small apartment, but are saving to buy a house soon. Even though we won't use many of our registry gifts for a little while, we registered and are holding on to them. I figure that if we get things like nice china, we'll use it for the next 50 years, and this one or two years that it is in storage will be nothing. You could always have your mother/FMIL/MOH whoever respond to registry questions with "they did a small registry for the basics at X, but they are really saving for a house."
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    I say register, and if someone offers to throw you one and you're OK with having one I don't think there would anything wrong with having a shower. As long as you have room to store it and you think you'll need & use it in the future I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a jump start. I will say that I wouldn't register for things that would go out of style or electronics that are constantly being updated (i.e digital cameras, DVD players, etc) otherwise they may be out of date by the time you move into your own place.
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    register.  there are people who WANT to buy you stuff, and it takes stress off of them to know what you want/need.  we've  gotten things from people we didn't invite to the wedding and don't know very well - they are excited to hear about us getting married and want to show it some way. 
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