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dyson ball

Hello! I know you all love your dyson... but do any of you who love it have hardwood floors? We have all hardwood in our house.... some the "fake hardwood" laminate. We also have a chocolate lab who loves to shed! So, I NEED to good vacuum, I just didnt know if I needed a dyson since I dont have hair all in my carpets.Thanks!

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    I don't think you need a vacuum at all if you have no carpets. Register for a steam mop instead! Dysons are SO EXPENSIVE and really would (IMO) be a waste on hardwoods. Dysons are $400-600 easily.
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    My mom's Dyson stopped sucking (or began sucking, however you want to look at it) after a year, so I would not get one. And she got the model for pet hair.
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