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Anyone got any good ideas????

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    My fiance is going to get watches for his guys. They're not really big drinkers or gamblers or anything like that, so a lot of those "personalized" gifts like beer mugs seemed inappropriate.
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    FI and his grooms men are wearing custom made personalized converse chuck taylor's for the wedding so he is buying them and giving them to the GM for their gift along with something else small.. haven't figured out what yet...
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    FI bought his GMs each an engraved swiss army knife with all the bells and whistles.  Perfect for them since they all help each other work on houses but none of them own a knife.
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    I disagree with the PP about giving them something that they will use for the wedding... The shoes are gonna cost about $70 a pair and all of the guys are really excited about about wearing them- they all had a great time creating them! Doesn't it make more sense to get something that the guys like and will be able to use in the future instead of getting them something meaningless and generic just to give them something.  
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    We have not completely decided what we are getting them but one idea that was thrown out was a Man Candle. It is a local company that was actually started by one of my FI's family friends. We have talked about getting them the "Fart" scent because all of his groomsmen are friends from school that he lived with in the dorms at one point or another over the past 4 years. Without asking too many questions, I guess the Fart scent has sentimental meaning to them... Here is their site if you want to check them out: The "Freedom" (apple pie) actually smells really good We will probably get them like a gift card or something to go with it. I know that it is not very meaningful but I don't think the guys really care about meaningful and would rather be able to get a new video game or something.
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    I think gift cards are a good idea! We are giving each of our groomsmen a cooler with their favorite beer in them, but that's all we have for now :)  I think it's totally fine to give someone in your wedding something for them to use for your wedding! I've been in weddings when they do this and I did not think it was weird at all. Just make sure the whole gift isn't just things for the wedding! Good luck!!
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