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I have a few questions I'm looking for answers to...First, our Ring Bearer, is going to be a little girl about three and a half! She is my neice, and I would like to get her a cute little gift, but everything out there is made for boys. Any suggestions?Second, My junior bridesmaid has not worn a dress since she was very young. She is about eleven now and has agreed to be in our wedding and wear a dress! I would like to get her a nice gift too, but she is somewhat of a tom-boy. I thought of getting her a gift card to somewhere that she likes. Does that sound lame? And finally, our DJ (MC) For our wedding was more expensive then most DJ's because he is a wedding entertainer. I am wondering because his charge is much greater then most DJ (although, we've seen his work and LOVE IT) I'm just wondering how to go about tipping him?Thank you to anyone for your input and advice!!!

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    Getting gifts to fit their personalities is the way to go. I don't see anything wrong with getting your Jr BM a gift card to somewhere she likes. And the same goes for the RB. I got my 3 y/o niece that was my FG a little tote with her name and some coloring books and crayons. She tore right into them.
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    Here is what we did for our FG gift (which may work for your RB): For the JR Bridesmaid, I think a gift card is great - probably what she'd want most anyway. For the DJ, if he owns his own company, all of the money you pay goes to him. If not, you should be sure to tip. But you can tip either way if you just feel he is deserving.
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