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Is this ok for a wedding gift?

My fiance and I were invited to a friend of my family's wedding. We are not able to attend due to work. I found their registry and sent a gift (cost = $45). Is this too cheap? I usually would spend a little more, but we are trying to save money ourselves for our honeymoon.

Re: Is this ok for a wedding gift?

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    How thoughtful of you to still send a gift to help them celebrate, even though you can't be there! If it was off their registry, it's something they want and will appreciate. Who cares what it cost, ya know?
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    I think this is fine. There are lots of people that attend weddings without giving a gift at all, so the fact that you're sending something and you're not even going to is incredibly nice of you.Also, if it makes you feel any better, you found this item on their registry, which means you're giving them something that they really wanted/needed. How much you spent on them shouldn't be an issue.

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    You are never required to give a gift, especially if you don't attend the wedding in question. So yes, that was nice.
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    It's not cheap.  They should be grateful that you gave them a gift.  You give what you can afford.
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