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How did you decide to get what items at what store?

We're getting married in October, so we're just starting to think about the registries.

 From what I've read during the past hour on these boards, it's a good idea to do 3 stores.  Friends and family are from all over the country, so we were thinking of BB&B, Crate and Barrel and Sears (mainly for some tools and non-housewares).  I like that BB&B and C&B have different price points and would have a variety of different items, but what about the standard items like kitchen gadgets, bedding, and towels? 

For those who did two housewares stores, did you spread things out evenly between the two stores, saved all the cheaper odds and ends stuff for one store, or something completely different?  I know on some of the big items, I'm going to have an opinion on which store I like better, but I really don't see myself having an opinion on which store carries the better butter dish.

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