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Does Pier1 have a bridal registry? I can't seem to find any information online that confirms either a "yes" or "no." It appears they did away with it in 2006, however, some google hits show that they have it available. When you go to their website, there's no mention of it.

My fiance and I just spent the last 3 hours on the website, coming up with things we really liked, so we'd be really disappointed if it wasn't possible.

Thanks for your help all....

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    I don't think they do, but even if they do have a registry it's apparently so hard to find as to be useless for your guests. I'd go with another option.

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    No they don't have registries.  Almost all the things they carry are seasonal, and they don't have a large enough "core" merchandise that never changes for a registry.  It's just really not practical since most people register more than a couple months out.

    Ditto pp - just plan to use cash at Pier1 if you want items from there.
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