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Favorite Registry Stores?

So even though my wedding is almost 2 years away my mom wants me to start working on my registry (I know - she's crazy). Since she's having an engagement party for me she thinks her friends and family are going to want to buy us a small gift off the registry. I don't know if it's typical for your families to do this - but it's pretty common for us to give a small engagement party gift.

Anyways, we decided I'll use (all my cousins have used it and loved it) and I'm really looking forward to picking some cute items from different non-traditional stores. I'll do a Macy's registry too, but I want to add dishes and sheets from Anthropologie. 

What are your favorite stores to register at? And have any of you used before? 

Re: Favorite Registry Stores?

  • We really liked Bed Bath and Beyond. No one has really bought from them yet since our wedding is over 6 months away, but it was easy to register and they have pretty much everything under the sun for home goods.

    My only question with "non traditional stores" is do all your guests have easy access to them/are they comfortable with ordering online? We don't have any Anthropologie stores near us, for example, and we live in a pretty large city (200,000). We also don't have a Crate and Barrel or IKEA nearby, other popular ones. Just something to consider. I would probably be wary of only adding a few items from a bunch of stores. Generally, 2-3 registries are what is recommended, so if you want to do Anthropologie, I'd register for more than jsut dishes and sheets.

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  • dont register yet. my wedding is april 30 2011, and i got engaged in february. FI and I made a registry in June and most of the stuff we asked for is no longer avaliable. we deleted it and started over.

    we like bed bath and beyond and target (because they are easy for people to get too) and pottery barn.
  • Our favorite was BB&B.  It has everything you could possibly need.  We also did C&B and Sears

    I wouldn't register yet--you are really far out and most things will get discontinued between now and your wedding. 

    I've never used but I've heard good things about it. 
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  • Our favorite was Crate & Barrel. We also used Target and BBB.

    We registered really early as well (over a year before the wedding) and yes a lot of things became discontinued, but we just kept up with it online and updated as things would go away. It was kind of a pain, but definitely managable. HTH!
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