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Gift Registry 360?

Can someone please explain (in plain English) how this works? I already have two registries - Target and Pottery Barn. I know from reading the FAQs that I can't "link and sync" my PB registry to a GR360 registry, but can instantly update it to have my Target registry.

So can someone go to Target, find my registry in store, purchase an item and it'll show up on my registry as purchased? Or will they have to specifically go through the GR360 website to purchase it?

Has anyone used this before?

Re: Gift Registry 360?

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    In theory it will update when your target registry updates.  Practically, it is pretty glitchy from what I have heard.  I personally hate shopping from it and don't use it as a guest.
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    Noted. I ask because there's a dinnerware set that I would love to have. Target had it at one time, but no longer carries it. Belk does, but it's literally the only thing I would get from Belk...
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    What I've basically found with my BBB registry (also not "linked and synched") is that I need to manually update gift registry 360 for what is purcahsed off my BB registry.  From what I can tell, gift registry 360 just gives a link to the BBB registry.
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    We used GR360.  We didn't have any real problems with it not updating but...  I think only one guest bought anything that we had listed on GR360 if it wasn't from macy's or Williams-Sonoma. (both of these were linked and they seemed to update automatically without problem).  It seems like it's not that well-known and I think people probably don't trust it that much.  I'd do amazon if I were to do it over again because everyone knows what it is and is more familiar with how it works. 
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