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Hello ladies,
I have a quick question for any of you that registered at BBB. It is very early for us but some gifts have already started to come off of our registry. (I can't help but look!)  The other day when I checked it out I noticed that a gift we only requested one of, there were 2 purchases made of it. I am wondering how that is possible? I don't really know how it works but if someone goes to the store or online to buy a gift off of the registry, doesn't it come up that the gift was already purchased? I may be very wrong like I said I have no clue how it works. Has this happened to anyone else and is it something I need to call BBB about? If it is a double gift it is not a big deal I will just have to return one of them. Thank you in advance for any help!


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    People can purchase multiples even if an item is fufilled.  Or they can buy two if you only ask for one.  Though, it's possible that one of them is for the buyer (or for another recipient).   Or two different people bought them within a short period of time before it could be updated in the system.
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    Thank you so much for getting back to me. I didn't realize that you could do that! Now that I think about it, it was kind of a silly question but thats ok at least I know now for the future!
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    Another thing you may want to know is at BBB once your registry is scanned, everything purchased in that transaction will show up on your registry.  For instance:
    KitchenAid Mixer                 Requested: 1 Fulfilled: 1
    Cuisinart Food Processer   Requested: 0 Fulfilled: 1

    Maybe they purchased something for you off-registry, or maybe they bought it for themselves.

    To that end, my registry says 2 Magic Bullets were purchased, but I only received 1.  Given that we're almost 5 months post-wedding, it's safe to say the duplicate was not purchased for me.
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    My sister in law just told me not to register at bed bath and beyond because it doesn't show when other people have bought you a gift so you end up getting multiples of everything...I'm not sure if it's a fluke or if that is common with BBB.
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    If you get more than one of an item that you only registered for once, you can take it back hassle-free at BBB.  You just have them look up your registry and that acts as your receipt.  
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