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I just went to a wedding show in Michigan and there was a company there called simplicity gourmet. They said they were a company that sold kitchen gadgets and you could register to win a cooking lesson and also a 3 course gourmet meal. They also said that you could win a free honeymoon, too. Well, I signed up and got a call that I was the lucky grand prize winner of a 3 day 2 night honeymoon to an all inclusive resort in Mexico, Dominican Republic or Costa Rica. They said that I had to come down to a hotel where they would be giving our free cooking lesson and gourmet meal. They also said we had to sit through a 90min presentation about their company and that they would be answering everyones questions about the honeymoon during that presentation. just didn't sit well with me and I did a google search and found out this company is a SCAM! They take advantage of brides to be and their families by encouraging you to register for your gifts through them. They make you purchace 50.00 worth of product in order to recieve your "honeymoon" and not only do you not see your honeymoon, but you never receive your product that you bought either. I'm so glad I researched them BEFORE going to this event.

Long story short....BEWARE of free gifts won at bridal shows and do your homework before giving the company any of your info! This company has been calling me NON STOP trying to get me to come back to one of their events. If you see them at a bridal show near you ( THIS IS A NATIONAL SCAM!) keep on walking!!!
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